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ˈsəːvɪs Listen
  • the action of helping or doing work for someone.
    E.g. millions are involved in voluntary service
  • a system supplying a public need such as transport, communications, or utilities such as electricity and water.
    E.g. a regular bus service
  • a ceremony of religious worship according to a prescribed form.
    E.g. a funeral service
  • a periodic routine inspection and maintenance of a vehicle or other machine.
    E.g. he took his car in for a service
  • a set of matching crockery used for serving a particular meal.
    E.g. a dinner service
  • (in tennis and other racket sports) the action or right of serving to begin play.
  • the formal delivery of a document such as a writ or summons.
  • perform routine maintenance or repair work on (a vehicle or machine).
    E.g. ensure that gas appliances are serviced regularly
  • (of a male animal) mate with (a female animal).
    E.g. one dog could presumably service several bitches in a day

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