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həʊld Listen
  • grasp, carry, or support with one's hands.
    E.g. she was holding a brown leather suitcase
  • keep or detain (someone).
    E.g. the police were holding him on a murder charge
  • remain secure, intact, or in position without breaking or giving way.
    E.g. the boat's anchor would not hold
  • contain or be capable of containing (a specified amount).
    E.g. the tank held twenty-four gallons
  • have in one's possession.
    E.g. the managing director still holds fifty shares in the company
  • keep or reserve for someone.
    E.g. a booking can be held for twenty-four hours
  • prevent from going ahead or occurring.
    E.g. hold your fire!
  • arrange and take part in (a meeting or conversation).
    E.g. a meeting was held at the church
  • an act or manner of grasping something; a grip.
    E.g. he caught hold of her arm
  • power or control.
    E.g. Tom had some kind of hold over his father
  • a fortress.
  • a large compartment or space in the lower part of a ship or aircraft in which cargo is stowed.

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