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rɪˈsiːv Listen
  • be given, presented with, or paid (something).
    E.g. the band will receive a £100,000 advance
  • suffer, experience, or be subject to (specified treatment).
    E.g. the event received wide press coverage
  • greet or welcome (a visitor) formally.
    E.g. representatives of the club will be received by the Mayor
  • form (an idea or impression) as a result of perception or experience.
    E.g. the impression she received was one of unhurried leisure
  • detect or pick up (broadcast signals).
    E.g. the systems work by comparing time signals received from different satellites
  • serve as a receptacle for.
    E.g. the basin that receives your blood
  • (in tennis and similar games) be the player to whom the server serves (the ball).
  • eat or drink (the Eucharistic bread or wine).
    E.g. he received Communion and left

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