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friː Listen
  • able to act or be done as one wishes; not under the control of another.
    E.g. I have no ambitions other than to have a happy life and be free
  • not or no longer confined or imprisoned.
    E.g. the researchers set the birds free
  • not subject to engagements or obligations.
    E.g. she spent her free time shopping
  • not subject to or affected by (something undesirable).
    E.g. our salsas are free of preservatives
  • given or available without charge.
    E.g. free healthcare
  • using or expending something without restraint; lavish.
    E.g. she was always free with her money
  • (of literature or music) not observing the normal conventions of style or form.
  • (of the wind) blowing from a favourable direction to the side or aft of a vessel.
  • without cost or payment.
    E.g. ladies were admitted free
  • with the sheets eased.
    E.g. I kept her off the wind and sailing free until I had all square forward
  • release from confinement or slavery.
    E.g. they were freed from jail
  • remove something undesirable or restrictive from.
    E.g. his inheritance freed him from financial constraints
  • make available for a particular purpose.
    E.g. we are freeing management time for alternative work
friː Listen
combining form
  • free of or from.
    E.g. smoke-free

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