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kʌt Listen
  • make an opening, incision, or wound in (something) with a sharp-edged tool or object.
    E.g. he cut his toe on a sharp stone
  • divide into pieces with a knife or other sharp implement.
    E.g. cut the beef into thin slices
  • make or form (something) by using a sharp tool to remove material.
    E.g. workmen cut a hole in the pipe
  • trim or reduce the length of (grass, hair, etc.) by using a sharp implement.
    E.g. Ted was cutting the lawn
  • reduce the size, amount, or quantity of.
    E.g. buyers will bargain hard to cut the cost of the house they want
  • end or interrupt the provision of (a supply).
    E.g. we resolved to cut oil supplies to territories controlled by the rebels
  • (of a line) cross or intersect (another line).
    E.g. mark the point where the line cuts the vertical axis
  • stop filming or recording.
    E.g. ‘Cut’ shouted a voice, followed by ‘Could we do it again, please?’
  • mix (an illegal drug) with another substance.
    E.g. dealers cut the drugs to stretch their supply
  • strike or kick (a ball) with an abrupt, typically downward motion.
    E.g. Cook cut the ball back to him
  • divide a pack of playing cards by lifting a portion from the top, either to reveal a card at random or to place the top portion under the bottom portion.
    E.g. let's cut for dealer
  • ignore or refuse to recognize (someone).
    E.g. they cut her in public
  • a stroke or blow given by a sharp-edged implement or by a whip or cane.
    E.g. he could skin an animal with a single cut of the knife
  • a long, narrow incision in the skin made by something sharp.
    E.g. blood ran from a cut on his jaw
  • a wounding remark or act.
    E.g. his unkindest cut at Elizabeth was to call her heartless
  • the way or style in which something, especially a garment or someone's hair, is cut.
    E.g. the elegant cut of his dinner jacket

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