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bɛː Listen
  • carry the weight of; support.
    E.g. the bees form large colonies and need the thick branches of tall trees to bear the weight of their nests
  • endure (an ordeal or difficulty).
    E.g. she bore the pain stoically
  • (of a person) carry (someone or something).
    E.g. he was bearing a tray of brimming glasses
  • give birth to (a child).
    E.g. she bore six daughters
  • turn and proceed in a specified direction.
    E.g. bear left and follow the old drove road
  • a large, heavy mammal that walks on the soles of its feet, having thick fur and a very short tail. Bears are related to the dog family but most species are omnivorous.
  • a large, heavy, cumbersome man.
    E.g. a lumbering bear of a man
  • a person who sells shares hoping to buy them back later at a lower price.

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