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NGSL Rank: 18
wɪð Listen
  • accompanied by (another person or thing).
    E.g. a nice steak with a bottle of red wine
  • having or possessing (something).
    E.g. a flower-sprigged blouse with a white collar
  • indicating the instrument used to perform an action.
    E.g. cut the fish with a knife
  • in opposition to.
    E.g. a row broke out with another man
  • indicating the manner or attitude in which a person does something.
    E.g. the people shouted with pleasure
  • indicating responsibility.
    E.g. leave it with me
  • in relation to.
    E.g. my father will be angry with me
  • employed by.
    E.g. she's with the Inland Revenue now
  • in the same direction as.
    E.g. marine mammals generally swim with the current
  • indicating separation or removal from something.
    E.g. to part with one's dearest possessions

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