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ʌp Listen
  • towards a higher place or position.
    E.g. he jumped up
  • at or to a higher level of intensity, volume, or activity.
    E.g. she turned the volume up
  • to the place where someone is.
    E.g. Dot didn't hear Mrs Parvis come creeping up behind her
  • towards or in the capital or a major city.
    E.g. give me a ring when you're up in London
  • into the desired or a proper condition.
    E.g. the government agreed to set up a committee of inquiry
  • into a happy mood.
    E.g. I don't think anything's going to cheer me up
  • out of bed.
    E.g. Miranda hardly ever got up for breakfast
  • displayed on a noticeboard or other publicly visible site.
    E.g. sticking up posters to advertise concerts
  • (of sailing) against the current or the wind.
    E.g. the bow of the boat was brought slowly up into the wind and held there
  • at bat.
    E.g. every time up, he had a different stance
  • from a lower to a higher point of (something).
    E.g. she climbed up a flight of steps
  • along or further along (a street or road).
    E.g. he lived up the road
  • at or to (a place).
    E.g. we're going up the Palais
  • directed or moving towards a higher place or position.
    E.g. the up escalator
  • at an end.
    E.g. his contract was up in three weeks
  • (of a road) being repaired.
  • (of a computer system) functioning properly.
    E.g. the system is now up
  • in a cheerful mood; ebullient.
    E.g. the mood here is resolutely up
  • (of a jockey) in the saddle.
  • denoting a flavour (variety) of stable quark having relatively low mass and an electric charge of + 2/3. In the Standard Model protons and neutrons are composed of up and down quarks.
  • a period of good fortune or positive mood.
    E.g. you can't have ups all the time in football
  • do something unexpectedly.
    E.g. she upped and left him
  • increase (a level or amount).
    E.g. capacity will be upped by 70 per cent next year
  • lift (something) up.
    E.g. everybody was cheering and upping their glasses
ʌp Listen
  • (added to verbs and their derivatives) upwards.
    E.g. upturned
  • (added to nouns) denoting motion up.
    E.g. upriver
  • (added to nouns) higher.
    E.g. upland
  • Upper Peninsula (of the state of Michigan).
    E.g. her in-laws initiated her into all the charming ways of the UP
  • Uttar Pradesh.

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