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NGSL Rank: 1276
ˈjuːnjən Listen
  • the action of joining together or the fact of being joined together, especially in a political context.
    E.g. he was opposed to closer political or economic union with Europe
  • a society or association formed by people with a common interest or purpose.
    E.g. the Mothers' Union
  • a number of parishes consolidated for the purposes of administering the Poor Laws.
  • a political unit consisting of a number of states or provinces with the same central government.
  • the set that comprises all the elements (and no others) contained in any of two or more given sets.
  • a joint or coupling for pipes.
  • (in South Asia) a local administrative unit comprising several rural villages.
  • a part of a flag with an emblem symbolizing national union, typically occupying the upper corner next to the staff.
  • a fabric made of two or more different yarns, typically cotton and linen or silk.

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