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NGSL Rank: 193
təːn Listen
  • move in a circular direction wholly or partly round an axis or point.
    E.g. the big wheel was turning
  • move (something) so that it is in a different position in relation to its surroundings or its previous position.
    E.g. turn the mould upside down
  • change or cause to change in nature, state, form, or colour; become or make.
    E.g. she turned pale
  • shape (something) on a lathe.
    E.g. the faceplate is turned rather than cast
  • make (a profit).
  • an act of moving something in a circular direction round an axis or point.
    E.g. a safety lock requiring four turns of the key
  • a change of direction when moving.
    E.g. they made a left turn and picked up speed
  • an opportunity or obligation to do something that comes successively to each of a number of people.
    E.g. it was his turn to speak
  • a short walk or ride.
    E.g. why don't you take a turn around the garden?
  • a shock.
    E.g. you gave us quite a turn!
  • the difference between the buying and selling price of stocks or other financial products.
  • a melodic ornament consisting of the principal note with those above and below it.

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