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tɒp Listen
  • the highest or uppermost point, part, or surface of something.
    E.g. Doreen stood at the top of the stairs
  • a lid, cover, or cap.
    E.g. beer bottle tops
  • the highest or most important rank, level, or position.
    E.g. her talent will take her right to the top
  • a garment covering the upper part of the body and worn with a skirt, trousers, or shorts.
    E.g. he was wearing a hooded top
  • the end of something that is furthest from the speaker or a point of reference.
    E.g. the bus shelter at the top of the road
  • short for topspin.
  • a bundle of long wool fibres prepared for spinning.
  • a man who takes the active role in anal intercourse with another man.
  • highest in position, rank, or degree.
    E.g. the top button of his shirt
  • denoting a flavour (variety) of unstable quark having an electric charge of + 2/3. Top quarks have similar properties to up quarks and charm quarks, but are distinguished from them by having a larger mass.
  • exceed (an amount, level, or number); be more than.
    E.g. losses are expected to top £100 m this year
  • provide with a top or topping.
    E.g. toast topped with baked beans
  • reach the top of (a hill or other elevation).
    E.g. they topped a rise and began a slow descent
  • kill.
    E.g. I wasn't sorry when he topped himself
  • mishit (the ball or a stroke) by hitting above the centre of the ball.
    E.g. he topped his drive on the fifth hole
  • at the most.
    E.g. some civil servant earning twenty-eight thousand a year, tops
  • a conical, spherical, or pear-shaped toy that with a quick or vigorous twist may be set to spin.
  • used in names of top shells, e.g. strawberry top.
  • Tongan pa'anga.

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