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NGSL Rank: 5
  • expressing motion in the direction of (a particular location).
    E.g. walking down to the shops
  • approaching or reaching (a particular condition).
    E.g. Christopher's expression changed from amazement to joy
  • identifying the person or thing affected by or receiving something.
    E.g. you were terribly unkind to her
  • identifying a particular relationship between one person and another.
    E.g. he is married to his cousin Emma
  • indicating that two things are attached or linked.
    E.g. he had left his dog tied to a drainpipe
  • concerning or likely to concern (something).
    E.g. a threat to world peace
  • used to introduce the second element in a comparison.
    E.g. the club's nothing to what it once was
  • placed before a debit entry in accounting.
infinitive marker
  • used with the base form of a verb to indicate that the verb is in the infinitive.
  • used without a verb following when the missing verb is clearly understood.
    E.g. he asked her to come but she said she didn't want to
  • so as to be closed or nearly closed.
    E.g. he pulled the door to behind him

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