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ˈtɪkɪt Listen
  • a piece of paper or card that gives the holder a certain right, especially to enter a place, travel by public transport, or participate in an event.
    E.g. admission is by ticket only
  • a certificate or warrant.
  • a label attached to a retail product, giving its price, size, and other details.
  • a list of candidates put forward by a party in an election.
    E.g. his presence on the Republican ticket
  • the desirable or correct thing.
    E.g. a wet spring would be just the ticket for the garden
  • a person of a specified kind.
    E.g. I think you're all a bunch of sick tickets
  • issue (someone) with an official notice of a traffic offence.
    E.g. park illegally and you are likely to be ticketed
  • (of a passenger) be issued with a travel ticket.
    E.g. passengers can now get electronically ticketed
  • (of a retail product) be marked with a label giving its price, size, and other details.
    E.g. the sports jacket had been ticketed at two hundred dollars

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