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θruː Listen
  • moving in one side and out of the other side of (an opening, channel, or location).
    E.g. she walked through the doorway into the living room
  • continuing in time towards completion of (a process or period).
    E.g. the goal came midway through the second half
  • so as to inspect all or part of (a collection, inventory, or publication).
    E.g. I flipped though the pages
  • by means of (a process or intermediate stage).
    E.g. dioxins get into mothers' milk through contaminated food
  • up to and including (a particular point in an ordered sequence).
    E.g. they will be in London from March 24 through May 7
  • expressing movement into one side and out of the other side of an opening, channel, or location.
    E.g. as soon as we opened the gate they came streaming through
  • so as to continue in time towards the completion of a process, period, etc.
    E.g. she's just started a tour that will keep her busy right through to June
  • so as to inspect all or part of a publication or document.
    E.g. she read the letter through carefully
  • so as to be connected by telephone.
    E.g. she put the call through to a nurse
  • (with reference to public transport) continuing or valid to the final destination.
    E.g. a through train from London
  • (of a room) running the whole length of a building.
  • (of a team or competitor) having successfully passed to the next stage of a competition.
    E.g. Swindon Town are through to the third round
  • having no prospect of any future relationship, dealings, or success.
    E.g. she told him she was through with him

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