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steɪ Listen
  • remain in the same place.
    E.g. you stay here and I'll be back soon
  • remain in a specified state or position.
    E.g. her ability to stay calm
  • (of a person) live somewhere temporarily as a visitor or guest.
    E.g. the girls had gone to stay with friends
  • stop, delay, or prevent (something), in particular suspend or postpone (judicial proceedings) or refrain from pressing (charges).
    E.g. there are some cases the Crown feels so serious they don't want to stay the charges
  • support or prop up.
    E.g. it did not matter to you whether the building was stayed up or not?
  • a period of staying somewhere, in particular of living somewhere temporarily as a visitor or guest.
    E.g. an overnight stay at a luxury hotel
  • a curb or check.
    E.g. there is likely to be a good public library as a stay against boredom
  • a device used as a brace or support.
  • power of endurance.
    E.g. some men are always great at beginnings; but they have no stay in them
  • a large rope, wire, or rod used to support a ship's mast, leading from the masthead to another mast or spar or down to another part of the ship.
  • secure or steady (a mast) by means of stays.

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