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NGSL Rank: 1807
slɪp Listen
  • lose one's footing and slide unintentionally for a short distance.
    E.g. I slipped over on the ice
  • go or move quietly or quickly, without attracting notice.
    E.g. we slipped out by a back door
  • pass or change to a lower, worse, or different condition, typically in a gradual or imperceptible way.
    E.g. many people feel standards have slipped
  • escape or get loose from (a means of restraint).
    E.g. the giant balloon slipped its moorings
  • an act of sliding unintentionally for a short distance.
    E.g. a single slip could send them plummeting down the mountainside
  • a fall to a lower level or standard.
    E.g. a continued slip in house prices
  • a loose-fitting garment, typically a short petticoat.
    E.g. a silk slip
  • a fielding position (often one of two or more in an arc) close behind the batsman on the off side, for catching balls edged by the batsman.
    E.g. he was caught in the slips for 32
  • short for slipway.
    E.g. he brought his steamer to the yard for overhaul at his old employer's slip
  • a leash which enables a dog to be released quickly.
    E.g. Tommy bolted off like a greyhound released from the slips
  • short for slip stitch.
    E.g. one colour at a time should be knitted in striped slip
  • a small piece of paper, typically a form for writing on or one giving printed information.
    E.g. his monthly salary slip
  • a cutting taken from a plant for grafting or planting; a scion.
  • a creamy mixture of clay, water, and typically a pigment of some kind, used especially for decorating earthenware.

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