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NGSL Rank: 1458
skɪn Listen
  • the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal.
    E.g. I use body lotion to keep my skin supple
  • the peel or outer layer of certain fruits or vegetables.
    E.g. potatoes roasted in their skins
  • a customized graphic user interface for an application or operating system.
  • a skinhead.
    E.g. we were surrounded by skins with tattoos and braces
  • (especially in jazz) a drum or drum head.
  • relating to or denoting pornographic literature or films.
    E.g. the skin trade
  • a card game in which each player has one card which they bet will not be the first to be matched by a card dealt from the pack.
  • a unit into which an Aboriginal people is divided, typically on the basis of descent, each skin being associated with a totemic bird, animal, or insect.
  • remove the skin from (an animal or a fruit or vegetable).
    E.g. scald and skin the tomatoes
  • take money from or swindle (someone).
    E.g. I ain't no dummy, and I know when I'm being skinned
  • (of a wound) form new skin.
    E.g. the hole in his skull skinned over
  • (of a player) take the ball past (a defender) with ease.
    E.g. Kanchelskis would have skinned him
  • make a cannabis cigarette.
    E.g. we had a few beers and then we skinned up

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