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NGSL Rank: 109
ʃəʊ Listen
  • allow or cause (something) to be visible.
    E.g. a white blouse will show the blood
  • allow (a quality or emotion) to be perceived; display.
    E.g. it was Frank's turn to show his frustration
  • demonstrate or prove.
    E.g. experts say this shows the benefit of regular inspections
  • finish third or in the first three in a race.
    E.g. Greenough was the only other rider clear in round one, but she failed to show for the tiebreaker
  • a spectacle or display, typically an impressive one.
    E.g. spectacular shows of bluebells
  • a play or other stage performance, especially a musical.
  • an outward appearance or display of a quality or feeling.
    E.g. Joanie was frightened of any show of affection
  • a discharge of blood and mucus from the vagina at the onset of labour or menstruation.
  • an opportunity for doing something; a chance.
    E.g. I didn't have a show

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