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NGSL Rank: 1564
ʃɒt Listen
  • the firing of a gun or cannon.
    E.g. Mulder killed him with a single shot
  • a hit, stroke, or kick of the ball in sports such as football, tennis, or golf.
    E.g. his partner pulled off a winning backhand shot
  • a ball of stone or metal used as a missile shot from a large gun or cannon.
  • a photograph.
    E.g. a group shot of all the family
  • a small drink of spirits.
    E.g. he took a shot of whisky
  • the launch of a space rocket.
    E.g. a moon shot
  • past and past participle of shoot.
  • (of coloured cloth) woven with a warp and weft of different colours, giving a contrasting effect when looked at from different angles.
    E.g. a dress of shot silk
  • ruined or worn out.
    E.g. a completely shot engine will put you out of the race
  • a bill or one's share of it, especially in a pub or bar.
    E.g. he had paid her shot
ʃuːt Listen
  • kill or wound (a person or animal) with a bullet or arrow.
    E.g. he was shot in the leg during an armed robbery
  • move suddenly and rapidly in a particular direction.
    E.g. the car shot forward
  • (in soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.) kick, hit, or throw the ball or puck in an attempt to score a goal.
    E.g. Williams twice shot wide
  • film or photograph (a scene, film, etc.).
    E.g. she has just been commissioned to shoot a video
  • (of a plant or seed) send out buds or shoots; germinate.
    E.g. some years one or other plant fails to shoot
  • inject oneself or another person with (a narcotic drug).
    E.g. he shot dope into his arm
  • plane (the edge of a board) accurately.
    E.g. I shot the longer edge down on the planer

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