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ʃɔːt Listen
  • measuring a small distance from end to end.
    E.g. short dark hair
  • lasting or taking a small amount of time.
    E.g. visiting London for a short break
  • relatively small in extent.
    E.g. a short speech
  • (of a vowel) categorized as short with regard to quality and length (e.g. in standard British English the vowel /ʊ/ in good is short as distinct from the long vowel /uː/ in food ).
  • (of a person) terse; uncivil.
    E.g. he was often sharp and rather short with her
  • (of odds or a chance) reflecting or representing a high level of probability.
    E.g. they have been backed at short odds to win thousands of pounds
  • (of pastry) containing a high proportion of fat to flour and therefore crumbly.
  • (chiefly in sport) at, to, or over a relatively small distance.
    E.g. you go deep and you go short
  • a drink of spirits served in a small measure.
  • a short film as opposed to a feature film.
  • a short sound such as a short signal in Morse code or a short vowel or syllable.
    E.g. her call was two longs and a short
  • a short circuit.
  • a person who sells short.
  • a mixture of bran and coarse flour.
  • short-circuit or cause to short-circuit.
    E.g. the electrical circuit had shorted out
  • sell (stocks or other securities or commodities) in advance of acquiring them, with the aim of making a profit when the price falls.
    E.g. the rule prevents sellers from shorting a stock unless the last trade resulted in a price increase
ʃɔːts Listen
  • short trousers that reach only to the knees or thighs.
    E.g. cycling shorts

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