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NGSL Rank: 1763
ˈsɛt(ə)lm(ə)nt Listen
  • an official agreement intended to resolve a dispute or conflict.
    E.g. unions succeeded in reaching a pay settlement
  • a place, typically one which has previously been uninhabited, where people establish a community.
    E.g. one of the oldest Viking settlements in western Europe
  • an arrangement whereby property passes to a succession of people as dictated by the settlor.
    E.g. inheritance tax could be due if you make a substantial gift or settlement and then die within the following seven years
  • the action or process of settling an account.
    E.g. most suppliers will offer early settlement discounts
  • subsidence of the ground or a structure built on it.
    E.g. a boundary wall, which has cracked due to settlement, is to be replaced

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