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sɛt Listen
  • put, lay, or stand (something) in a specified place or position.
    E.g. Delaney set the mug of tea down
  • put or bring into a specified state.
    E.g. the Home Secretary set in motion a review of the law
  • adjust (a clock or watch), typically to show the right time.
    E.g. set your watch immediately to local time at your destination
  • harden into a solid or semi-solid state.
    E.g. cook for a further thirty-five minutes until the filling has set
  • (of the sun, moon, or another celestial body) appear to move towards and below the earth's horizon as the earth rotates.
    E.g. the sun was setting and a warm red glow filled the sky
  • (of a tide or current) take or have a specified direction or course.
    E.g. a fair tide can be carried well past Land's End before the stream sets to the north
  • start (a fire).
    E.g. the school had been broken into and the fire had been set
  • (of blossom or a tree) form into or produce (fruit).
    E.g. wait until first flowers have set fruit before planting out the peppers
  • sit.
    E.g. the rest of them people just set there goggle-eyed for a minute
  • a group or collection of things that belong together or resemble one another or are usually found together.
    E.g. a set of false teeth
  • the way in which something is set, disposed, or positioned.
    E.g. the shape and set of the eyes
  • a radio or television receiver.
    E.g. a TV set
  • a collection of scenery, stage furniture, and other articles used for a particular scene in a play or film.
  • an arrangement of the hair when damp so that it dries in the required style.
    E.g. a shampoo and set
  • a cutting, young plant, or bulb used in the propagation of new plants.
  • the last coat of plaster on a wall.
  • the amount of spacing in type controlling the distance between letters.
  • variant spelling of sett.
  • another term for plant (sense 4 of the noun).
  • group (pupils or students) in sets according to ability.
  • fixed or arranged in advance.
    E.g. try to feed the puppy at set times each day
  • ready, prepared, or likely to do something.
    E.g. the first family was set for a quiet night of rest
sɛt Listen
  • the den or burrow of a badger.
  • a granite paving block.
  • the particular pattern of stripes in a tartan.

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