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ˈsɪəriːz Listen
  • a number of events, objects, or people of a similar or related kind coming one after another.
    E.g. the explosion was the latest in a series of accidents
  • a set or sequence of related television or radio programmes.
    E.g. a new drama series
  • another term for tone row.
  • denoting electrical circuits or components arranged so that the current passes through each successively.
    E.g. a series circuit
  • (in chronostratigraphy) a range of strata corresponding to an epoch in time, being a subdivision of a system and itself subdivided into stages.
    E.g. the Pliocene series
  • a set of elements with common properties or of compounds related in composition or structure.
    E.g. the metals of the lanthanide series
  • a set of quantities constituting a progression or having the several values determined by a common relation.
  • a group of speech sounds having at least one phonetic feature in common but distinguished in other respects.
    E.g. the voiced plosive series [b], [d], [g]

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