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NGSL Rank: 1812
siːd Listen
  • the unit of reproduction of a flowering plant, capable of developing into another such plant.
    E.g. cut open the peppers and remove the seeds
  • a man's semen.
  • any of a number of stronger competitors in a sports tournament who have been assigned a specified position in an ordered list with the aim of ensuring that they do not play each other in the early rounds.
    E.g. he knocked the top seed out of the championships
  • a small crystal introduced into a liquid to act as a nucleus for crystallization.
  • a small container for radioactive material placed in body tissue during radiotherapy.
  • sow (land) with seeds.
    E.g. the shoreline is seeded with a special grass
  • (of a plant) produce or drop seeds.
    E.g. mulches encourage many plants to seed freely
  • remove the seeds from (vegetables or fruit).
    E.g. stem and seed the chillies
  • give (a competitor) the status of seed in a tournament.
    E.g. he was seeded second for the competition

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