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raʊnd Listen
  • shaped like a circle or cylinder.
    E.g. she was seated at a small, round table
  • shaped like a sphere.
    E.g. a round glass ball
  • (of a voice) rich and mellow; not harsh.
    E.g. his rich, round voice went down well with the listeners
  • (of a number) expressed in convenient units rather than exactly, for example to the nearest whole number or multiple of ten.
    E.g. the size of the fleet is given in round numbers
  • not omitting or disguising anything; frank.
    E.g. she berated him in good round terms
  • a circular piece of something.
    E.g. cut the pastry into rounds
  • an act of visiting a number of people or places in turn.
    E.g. she did the rounds of her family to say goodbye
  • each of a sequence of sessions in a process, typically characterized by development between one session and another.
    E.g. the two sides held three rounds of talks
  • a regularly recurring sequence of activities.
    E.g. their lives were a daily round of housework and laundry
  • a song for three or more unaccompanied voices or parts, each singing the same theme but starting one after another, at the same pitch or in octaves; a simple canon.
  • a slice of bread.
    E.g. two rounds of toast
  • the amount of ammunition needed to fire one shot.
    E.g. the gun can fire 30 rounds a second
  • so as to rotate or cause rotation; with circular motion.
    E.g. a plane circled round overhead
  • so as to rotate and face in the opposite direction.
    E.g. he swung round to face her
  • so as to surround someone or something.
    E.g. everyone crowded round
  • so as to reach a new place or position, typically by moving to the other side of something.
    E.g. he made his way round to the back of the building
  • used to suggest idle and purposeless motion or activity.
    E.g. he was driving round aimlessly
  • so as to give support and companionship.
    E.g. if one girl is distraught the others will rally round
  • on every side of (a focal point).
    E.g. the area round the school
  • so as to encircle (someone or something).
    E.g. he wrapped the blanket round him
  • following an approximately circular route past (a corner or obstacle).
    E.g. a bus appeared round the corner
  • so as to cover or take in the whole area of (a place).
    E.g. she went round the house and saw that all the windows were barred
  • pass and go round (something) so as to move on in a changed direction.
    E.g. the ship rounded the cape and sailed north
  • alter (a number) to one less exact but more convenient for calculations.
    E.g. we'll round the weight up to the nearest kilo
  • give a round shape to.
    E.g. a lathe that rounded chair legs

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