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rɒk Listen
  • the solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other similar planets, exposed on the surface or underlying the soil.
    E.g. the beds of rock are slightly tilted
  • a large piece of rock which has become detached from a cliff or mountain; a boulder.
    E.g. the stream flowed through a jumble of rocks
  • used to refer to someone or something that is extremely strong, reliable, or hard.
    E.g. the Irish scrum has been as solid as a rock
  • money.
  • move gently to and fro or from side to side.
    E.g. she rocked the baby in her arms
  • dance to or play rock music.
    E.g. he looked a totally different man and ready to rock
  • wear (a garment) or affect (an attitude or style), especially in a confident or flamboyant way.
    E.g. she was rocking a clingy little leopard-skin number
  • rock music.
    E.g. the store plays a peculiar blend of 70s and 80s rock
  • a gentle movement to and fro or from side to side.
    E.g. she placed the baby in the cot and gave it a rock

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