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NGSL Rank: 1047
rʌɪd Listen
  • sit on and control the movement of (an animal, typically a horse).
    E.g. Jane and Rory were riding their ponies
  • be carried or supported by (something moving with great momentum).
    E.g. a stream of young surfers fighting the elements to ride the waves
  • be full of or dominated by.
    E.g. you must not think him ridden with angst
  • yield to (a blow) so as to reduce its impact.
    E.g. Harrison drew back his jaw as if riding the blow
  • have sex with.
  • annoy, pester, or tease.
    E.g. if you don't give all the kids a chance to play, the parents ride you
  • a journey made on a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle, or in a vehicle.
    E.g. I took them for a ride in the van
  • a roller coaster, roundabout, or other amusement ridden at a fair or amusement park.
  • an act or instance of having sex.
  • a cymbal used for keeping up a continuous rhythm.

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