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NGSL Rank: 1497
ˈrɛdʒɪstə Listen
  • an official list or record of names or items.
    E.g. a membership register
  • a particular part of the range of a voice or instrument.
    E.g. boy trebles singing in a high register
  • a variety of a language or a level of usage, as determined by degree of formality and choice of vocabulary, pronunciation, and syntax, according to the communicative purpose, social context, and standing of the user.
  • the exact correspondence of the position of colour components in a printed positive.
    E.g. it was reproduced in full colour but unfortunately out of register
  • (in electronic devices) a location in a store of data, used for a specific purpose and with quick access time.
  • an adjustable plate for widening or narrowing an opening and regulating a draught, especially in a fire grate.
  • one of a number of bands or sections into which a design is divided.
    E.g. the central register shows a Roman Emperor on horseback
  • short for cash register.
  • enter or record on an official list or directory.
    E.g. the vessel is registered as British
  • (of an instrument) detect and show (a reading) automatically.
    E.g. the electroscope was too insensitive to register the tiny changes
  • express or convey (an opinion or emotion).
    E.g. I wish to register an objection
  • achieve (a certain score or result) in a game or match.
    E.g. they registered their third consecutive draw
  • correspond or cause to correspond exactly in position.
    E.g. they are adjusted until the impressions register

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