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pʊl Listen
  • exert force on (someone or something) so as to cause movement towards oneself.
    E.g. he pulled them down on to the couch
  • move steadily in a specified direction or manner.
    E.g. the bus was about to pull away
  • attract (someone) as a customer; cause to show interest in something.
    E.g. anyone can enter the show if they have a good act and the ability to pull a crowd
  • cancel or withdraw (an entertainment or advertisement).
    E.g. the gig was pulled at the first sign of difficulty
  • play (the ball) round to the leg side from the off.
  • (of a lineman) withdraw from and cross behind the line of scrimmage to block opposing players and clear the way for a runner.
    E.g. he may be their best ever lineman—he can run and pull with the best
  • print (a proof).
  • an act of pulling something.
    E.g. give the hair a quick pull and it comes out by the roots
  • a force drawing someone or something in a particular direction.
    E.g. the pull of the water tore her away
  • (in sport) a pulling stroke.
  • a printer's proof.

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