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NGSL Rank: 274
ˈprɛz(ə)nt Listen
  • in a particular place.
    E.g. a doctor must be present at the ringside
  • existing or occurring now.
    E.g. she did not expect to find herself in her present situation
  • the period of time now occurring.
    E.g. they are happy and at peace, refusing to think beyond the present
  • a present tense.
    E.g. the verbs are all in the present
  • give or award formally or ceremonially.
    E.g. the duke presented certificates to the men
  • formally introduce (someone) to someone else.
    E.g. may I present my wife?
  • introduce or announce the various items of (a broadcast show) as a participant.
    E.g. the Late Show was presented by Cynthia Rose
  • exhibit (a particular state or appearance) to others.
    E.g. the EC presented a united front over the crisis
  • (of a patient) come forward for initial medical examination for a particular condition or symptom.
    E.g. the patient presented with mild clinical encephalopathy
  • (of a part of a fetus) be directed towards the cervix during labour.
  • hold out or aim (a firearm) at something so as to be ready to fire.
    E.g. they were to present their rifles, take aim, and fire
  • the position of a firearm when aimed or held ready to be aimed, especially the position from which a rifle is fired.
  • a thing given to someone as a gift.
    E.g. a Christmas present

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