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ˈpɒzɪtɪv Listen
  • consisting in or characterized by the presence rather than the absence of distinguishing features.
  • constructive, optimistic, or confident.
    E.g. there needs to be a positive approach to young offenders
  • with no possibility of doubt; definite.
    E.g. he made a positive identification of a glossy ibis
  • (of a quantity) greater than zero.
  • containing, producing, or denoting an electric charge opposite to that carried by electrons.
    E.g. each battery has a positive and negative terminal
  • (of a photographic image) showing lights and shades or colours true to the original.
  • denoting the primary degree of an adjective or adverb, which expresses simple quality without qualification.
  • dealing only with matters of fact and experience; not speculative or theoretical.
  • relating to or denoting any of the air or fire signs, considered active in nature.
  • a desirable or constructive quality or attribute.
    E.g. take your weaknesses and translate them into positives
  • a positive photographic image, especially one printed from a negative.
    E.g. the photographic process involves separate runs with the red, green, and blue separation positives
  • a result of a test or experiment indicating that a certain substance or condition is present or exists.
    E.g. let us look at the distribution of those positives
  • the part of an electric circuit that is at a higher electrical potential than another point designated as having zero electrical potential.
    E.g. try linking the signal input directly to positive
  • a number greater than zero.
  • an adjective or adverb in the positive degree.

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