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NGSL Rank: 582
pɪk Listen
  • detach and remove (a flower, fruit, or vegetable) from where it is growing.
    E.g. I went to pick some flowers for Jenny's room
  • choose (someone or something) from a number of alternatives.
    E.g. maybe I picked the wrong career after all
  • make (a hole) in fabric by pulling at it with one's fingers.
    E.g. she picked a hole in her tights
  • pluck the strings of (a guitar or banjo).
    E.g. people were singing and picking guitars
  • an act or the right of selecting something from a number of alternatives.
    E.g. take your pick from our extensive menu
  • an act of blocking or screening a defensive player from the ball handler.
  • a tool consisting of a long handle set at right angles in the middle of a curved iron or steel bar with a point at one end and a chisel edge or point at the other, used for breaking up hard ground or rock.
  • an instrument for picking.
    E.g. an ebony hair pick

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