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aʊt Listen
  • moving or appearing to move away from a particular place, especially one that is enclosed or hidden.
    E.g. he walked out into the street
  • situated far or at a particular distance from somewhere.
    E.g. an old farmhouse right out in the middle of nowhere
  • away from home.
    E.g. he's gone out
  • so as to be revealed or known.
    E.g. find out what you can
  • at or to an end.
    E.g. the romance fizzled out
  • (of a light or fire) so as to be extinguished or no longer burning.
    E.g. at ten o'clock the lights went out
  • no longer involved in a situation, competition, or activity.
    E.g. Oxford United are out of the FA Cup
  • (of a jury) considering its verdict in secrecy.
  • non-standard contraction of out of.
    E.g. he ran out the door
  • not at home or at one's place of work.
    E.g. if he called, she'd pretend to be out
  • revealed or made public.
    E.g. the secret was soon out
  • (of a flower) in bloom; open.
  • no longer alight; extinguished.
    E.g. the fire was nearly out
  • at an end.
    E.g. school was out for the summer
  • not possible or worth considering.
    E.g. a trip to the seaside is out for a start
  • in a state of unconsciousness.
  • mistaken; in error.
    E.g. he was slightly out in his calculations
  • (of the ball in tennis and similar games) outside the designated playing area.
  • no longer batting or at bat; having had one's innings or at bat ended by the fielding side.
    E.g. England were all out for 159
  • a way of escaping from a problem or dilemma.
    E.g. he was desperately looking for an out
  • an act of putting a player out.
  • the political party not in office.
  • reveal the sexual or gender identity of (a person).
  • expel, reject, or dismiss.
    E.g. they had outed Asquith quite easily
  • extinguish.
    E.g. out the lamp when you're ready
  • become known; emerge.
    E.g. the truth will out
aʊt Listen
  • to the point of surpassing or exceeding.
    E.g. outfight
  • external; separate; from outside.
    E.g. outbuildings
  • away from; outward.
    E.g. outbound

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