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NGSL Rank: 1643
ˈɔːdɪn(ə)ri Listen
  • with no special or distinctive features; normal.
    E.g. he sets out to depict ordinary people
  • (especially of a judge or bishop) exercising authority by virtue of office and not by deputation.
  • what is commonplace or standard.
    E.g. their clichés were vested with enough emotion to elevate them above the ordinary
  • a judge who exercises authority by virtue of office and not by deputation.
  • a member of the clergy, such as an archbishop in a province or a bishop in a diocese, with immediate jurisdiction.
  • those parts of a Roman Catholic service, especially the Mass, which do not vary from day to day.
  • any of the simplest principal charges used in coats of arms (especially chief, pale, bend, fess, bar, chevron, cross, saltire).
  • short for ordinary share.
  • a meal provided at a fixed time and price at an inn.
  • a penny-farthing bicycle.

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