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ˈəʊp(ə)n Listen
  • allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked.
    E.g. he climbed through the open window
  • exposed to the air or to view; not covered.
    E.g. an open fire burned in the grate
  • with the outer edges or sides drawn away from each other; unfolded or spread out.
    E.g. the trees had buds and a few open flowers
  • (of a business, place of entertainment, etc.) admitting customers or visitors; available for business.
    E.g. the shop stays open until 9 p.m
  • freely available or accessible; unrestricted.
    E.g. the service is open to all students
  • not concealing one's thoughts or feelings; frank and communicative.
    E.g. she behaved in an open and cheerful manner
  • (of a matter or decision) not finally settled; still admitting of debate.
    E.g. students' choice of degree can be kept open until the second year
  • (of a vowel) produced with a relatively wide opening of the mouth and the tongue kept low.
  • (of a string) allowed to vibrate along its whole length.
  • (of an electric circuit) having a break in the conducting path.
  • move (a door or window) so as to leave a space allowing access and vision.
    E.g. she opened the door and went in
  • unfold or be unfolded; spread out.
    E.g. the eagle opened its wings and circled up into the air
  • make or become formally ready for customers, visitors, or business.
    E.g. she raised $731 by opening her home and selling coffee and tea
  • formally establish or begin (a new business, movement, or enterprise).
    E.g. she began to teach and opened her own school
  • make more available or widely known.
    E.g. the retirement of Mahatir Mohammed as Prime Minister of Malaysia has opened the possibility of closer Australian relations
  • break the conducting path of (an electric circuit).
    E.g. the switch opens the motor circuit
  • outdoors or in the countryside.
    E.g. guests were sitting in the open on the terrace
  • a championship or competition with no restrictions on who may compete.
    E.g. his victory in the 2003 Australian Open
  • an accidental break in the conducting path for an electric current.

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