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nɪə Listen
  • at or to a short distance away; nearby.
    E.g. a bomb exploded somewhere near
  • a short time away in the future.
    E.g. his retirement was drawing near
  • almost.
    E.g. a near perfect fit
  • nearly.
    E.g. I near fell out of the chair
  • at or to a short distance away from (a place).
    E.g. the car park near the sawmill
  • a short period of time from.
    E.g. near the end of the war
  • close to (a state); verging on.
    E.g. she gave a tiny smile, brave but near tears
  • similar to.
    E.g. a shape near to the original
  • located a short distance away.
    E.g. a large house in the near distance
  • only a short time ahead.
    E.g. the conflict is unlikely to be resolved in the near future
  • similar.
    E.g. walking in these shoes is the nearest thing to floating on air
  • located on the nearside of a vehicle.
    E.g. the near right-hand end window of the caravan
  • (of a person) mean; miserly.
  • come near to; approach.
    E.g. soon the cab would be nearing Oxford Street

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