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NGSL Rank: 848
matʃ Listen
  • a contest in which people or teams compete against each other in a particular sport.
    E.g. a boxing match
  • a person or thing that is equal to another in quality or strength.
    E.g. they were no match for the mercenaries
  • a person or thing that resembles or corresponds to another.
    E.g. the child's identical twin would be a perfect match for organ donation
  • a person viewed in regard to their eligibility for marriage, especially as regards class or wealth.
    E.g. he was an unsuitable match for any of their girls
  • correspond or cause to correspond in some essential respect; make or be harmonious.
    E.g. I thought we'd have primrose walls to match the bath
  • be equal to (something) in quality or strength.
    E.g. his anger matched her own
  • place (a person or group) in competition with another.
    E.g. the big names were matched against nobodies
  • a short, thin piece of wood or cardboard used to light a fire, being tipped with a composition that ignites when rubbed against a rough surface.
    E.g. he struck a match against the wall

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