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ləʊd Listen
  • a heavy or bulky thing that is being carried or is about to be carried.
    E.g. in addition to their own food, they must carry a load of up to eighty pounds
  • a weight or source of pressure borne by someone or something.
    E.g. the increased load on the heart caused by a raised arterial pressure
  • a lot of (often used to express disapproval or dislike of something).
    E.g. she was talking a load of rubbish
  • the amount of power supplied by a source; the resistance of moving parts to be overcome by a motor.
    E.g. if the wire in the fuse is too thin to accept the load it will melt
  • fill (a vehicle, ship, container, etc.) with a large amount of something.
    E.g. they go to Calais to load up their vans with cheap beer
  • make (someone or something) carry or hold a large or excessive quantity of heavy things.
    E.g. Elaine was loaded down with bags full of shopping
  • charge (a firearm) with ammunition.
    E.g. he began to load the gun
  • add an extra charge to (an insurance premium) to take account of a factor that increases the risk.

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