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NGSL Rank: 44
lʌɪk Listen
  • having the same characteristics or qualities as; similar to.
    E.g. he used to have a car like mine
  • used to draw attention to the nature of an action or event.
    E.g. I apologize for coming over unannounced like this
  • such as; for example.
    E.g. the cautionary vision of works like Animal Farm and 1984
  • in the same way that; as.
    E.g. people who change countries like they change clothes
  • as though; as if.
    E.g. I felt like I'd been kicked by a camel
  • used with reference to a person or thing of the same kind as another.
    E.g. the quotations could be arranged to put like with like
  • (of a person or thing) having similar qualities or characteristics to another person or thing.
    E.g. I responded in like manner
  • used in speech as a meaningless filler or to signify the speaker's uncertainty about an expression just used.
    E.g. there was this funny smell—sort of dusty like
  • used to convey a person's reported attitude or feelings in the form of direct speech (whether or not representing an actual quotation).
    E.g. so she comes into the room and she's like ‘Where is everybody?’
  • in the manner of.
    E.g. like as a ship with dreadful storm long tossed
  • find agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory.
    E.g. all his classmates liked him
  • wish for; want.
    E.g. would you like a cup of coffee?
  • the things one likes or prefers.
    E.g. a wide variety of likes, dislikes, tastes, and income levels
lʌɪk Listen
combining form
  • (added to nouns) similar to; characteristic of.
    E.g. bell-like

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