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NGSL Rank: 1706
ˈɪndɛks Listen
  • (in a book or set of books) an alphabetical list of names, subjects, etc. with reference to the pages on which they are mentioned.
    E.g. clear cross references supplemented by a thorough index
  • a sign or measure of something.
    E.g. exam results may serve as an index of the teacher's effectiveness
  • an exponent or other superscript or subscript number appended to a quantity.
  • a pointer on an instrument, showing a quantity, a position on a scale, etc.
  • record (names, subjects, etc.) in an index.
    E.g. the list indexes theses under regional headings
  • link the value of (prices, wages, or other payments) automatically to the value of a price index.
    E.g. the Supreme Soviet passed legislation indexing wages to prices
  • (of a machine or part of one) move from one predetermined position to another in order to carry out a sequence of operations.
    E.g. the pins are retracted and indexed to occupy an adjacent slotted position

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