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hɪt Listen
  • bring one's hand or a tool or weapon into contact with (someone or something) quickly and forcefully.
    E.g. the woman hit the mugger with her umbrella
  • (of a missile or a person aiming one) strike (a target).
    E.g. the sniper fired and hit a third man
  • cause harm or distress to.
    E.g. the area has been badly hit by pit closures
  • reach (a particular level, point, or figure).
    E.g. capital spending this year is likely to hit $1,800 million
  • propel (a ball) with a bat, racket, stick, etc. to score runs or points in a game.
  • an instance of striking or being struck.
    E.g. few structures can withstand a hit from a speeding car
  • an instance of striking the target aimed at.
    E.g. one of the bombers had scored a direct hit
  • a successful venture, especially a film, pop record, or song.
    E.g. he was the director of many big hits
  • a dose of a narcotic drug.
    E.g. in another hour, I'll need another hit

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