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hɛd Listen
  • the upper part of the human body, or the front or upper part of the body of an animal, typically separated from the rest of the body by a neck, and containing the brain, mouth, and sense organs.
  • a thing resembling a head either in form or in relation to a whole.
  • the front, forward, or upper part or end of something.
  • a person in charge of something; a director or leader.
    E.g. the head of the Dutch Catholic Church
  • a person considered as a numerical unit.
    E.g. they paid fifty pounds a head
  • a component in an audio, video, or information system by which information is transferred from an electrical signal to the recording medium, or vice versa.
  • a body of water kept at a particular height in order to provide a supply at sufficient pressure.
    E.g. an 8 m head of water in the shafts
  • a toilet on a ship or boat.
    E.g. they were cleaning out the heads
  • the word that governs all the other words in a phrase in which it is used, having the same grammatical function as the whole phrase.
  • a superficial deposit of rock fragments, formed at the edge of an ice sheet by repeated freezing and thawing and then moved downhill.
  • a group of pheasants.
    E.g. it is easy to get up a head of pheasants with the aid of good keepers
  • chief; principal.
    E.g. the head waiter
  • be in the leading position on.
    E.g. the St George's Day procession was headed by the mayor
  • give a title or caption to.
    E.g. an article headed ‘The Protection of Human Life’
  • move in a specified direction.
    E.g. he was heading for the exit
  • shoot or pass (the ball) with the head.
    E.g. a corner kick that Moody headed into the net
  • lop off the upper part or branches of (a plant or tree).
    E.g. the willow is headed every three or four years
  • (of a lettuce or cabbage) form a head.
hɛd Listen
  • equivalent to -hood.
    E.g. maidenhead
hɛd Listen
  • denoting the front, forward, or upper part or end of a specified thing.
    E.g. spearhead
  • forming informal nouns expressing disparagement of a person.
    E.g. airhead
  • forming informal nouns denoting an addict or habitual user of a specified drug.
    E.g. crackhead

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