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NGSL Rank: 1038
ˈhand(ə)l Listen
  • feel or manipulate with the hands.
    E.g. heavy paving slabs can be difficult to handle
  • manage (a situation or problem).
    E.g. a lawyer's ability to handle a case properly
  • drive or control (a vehicle).
    E.g. he was going too fast and couldn't handle the car
  • the part by which a thing is held, carried, or controlled.
    E.g. a holdall with two carrying handles
  • a name or nickname.
    E.g. that's some handle for a baby
  • the feel of goods, especially textiles, when handled.
    E.g. fabrics with a softer handle
  • the total amount of money bet over a particular time or at a particular event.
    E.g. the monthly handle of a couple of casinos in Las Vegas
  • a large bottle in which spirits are sold, typically holding a half gallon.
    E.g. a handle of Jim Beam

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