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ˈfaktə Listen
  • a circumstance, fact, or influence that contributes to a result.
    E.g. his skill was a factor in ensuring that so much was achieved
  • a number or quantity that when multiplied with another produces a given number or expression.
    E.g. an amount that exceeds it by a factor of 1000 or more
  • a level on a scale of measurement.
  • any of a number of substances in the blood, mostly identified by numerals, which are involved in coagulation.
  • an agent who buys and sells goods on commission.
    E.g. his father was chief factor for the Hudson's Bay Company
  • another term for factorize.
    E.g. last year researchers factored a number 155 digits long
  • organize (the source code of a piece of software) into different components that are easier to maintain and work with.
    E.g. this situation occurs when code is factored to remove application- and domain-specific dependencies
  • (of a company) sell (its invoices) to a factor.
    E.g. they collected rents while he factored these forfeited estates

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