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ɛdʒ Listen
  • the outside limit of an object, area, or surface.
    E.g. a willow tree at the water's edge
  • the sharpened side of the blade of a cutting implement or weapon.
    E.g. a knife with a razor-sharp edge
  • a quality or factor which gives superiority over close rivals.
    E.g. his cars have the edge over his rivals'
  • provide with a border or edge.
    E.g. the pool is edged with paving
  • move or cause to move gradually or furtively in a particular direction.
    E.g. she tried to edge away from him
  • give an intense or sharp quality to.
    E.g. desperation edged her voice
  • strike (the ball) with the edge of the bat; strike a ball delivered by (the bowler) with the edge of the bat.
    E.g. he edged a ball into his pad
  • ski with one's weight on the edges of one's skis.
    E.g. you will be edging early, controlling a parallel turn

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