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drɒp Listen
  • let or make (something) fall vertically.
    E.g. the fire was caused by someone dropping a lighted cigarette
  • fall vertically.
    E.g. the spoon dropped with a clatter from her hand
  • make or become lower, weaker, or less.
    E.g. he dropped his voice as she came into the room
  • abandon or discontinue (a course of action or study).
    E.g. the charges against him were dropped last year
  • set down or unload (a passenger or goods), especially on the way to somewhere else.
    E.g. his mum dropped him outside and drove off to work
  • (in sport) fail to win (a point or a match).
    E.g. the club have yet to drop a point in the Second Division
  • be forced to play (a relatively high card) as a loser under an opponent's higher card, because it is the only card in its suit held in the hand.
    E.g. East drops the 10 on the second round
  • a small round or pear-shaped portion of liquid that hangs or falls or adheres to a surface.
    E.g. the first drops of rain splashed on the ground
  • an instance of falling or dropping.
    E.g. they left within five minutes of the drop of the curtain
  • a delivery.
    E.g. I got to the depot and made the drop
  • a small, round sweet or lozenge.
    E.g. a chocolate drop
  • an earring that hangs down from the earlobe.
    E.g. simple amethyst and diamond drops
  • a section of theatrical scenery lowered from the flies; a drop cloth or drop curtain.
  • a trapdoor on a gallows, the opening of which causes the prisoner to fall and thus be hanged.
    E.g. warders, standing on planks, invariably flanked the prisoners on the drop

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