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drɛs Listen
  • put on one's clothes.
    E.g. Graham showered and dressed quickly
  • decorate (something) in an artistic or attractive way.
    E.g. she'd enjoyed dressing the tree when the children were little
  • clean, treat, or apply a dressing to (a wound).
    E.g. she washed the wound and dressed it with fresh bandages
  • clean and prepare (food, especially poultry or shellfish) for cooking or eating.
    E.g. dress the crab and shell the prawns
  • apply a fertilizer to (an area of ground or a plant).
    E.g. the field was dressed with unrotted farmyard manure
  • draw up (troops) in the proper alignment.
  • (of a man) have the genitals habitually on one or the other side of the fork of the trousers.
    E.g. do you dress to the left?
  • make (an artificial fly) for use in fishing.
    E.g. after you dress a dry fly, be sure to remove any oil before you make your next cast
  • a one-piece garment worn by women and girls that covers the body and extends down over the legs.
    E.g. a white cotton dress
  • clothing of a specified kind for men or women.
    E.g. traditional African dress

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