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NGSL Rank: 1590
kəˈmɪʃ(ə)n Listen
  • an instruction, command, or role given to a person or group.
    E.g. one of his first commissions was to redesign the Great Exhibition building
  • a group of people entrusted by a government or other official body with authority to do something.
    E.g. a commission was appointed to investigate the allegations
  • a sum, typically a set percentage of the value involved, paid to an agent in a commercial transaction.
    E.g. foreign banks may charge a commission
  • a warrant conferring the rank of officer in an army, navy, or air force.
    E.g. he has resigned his commission
  • the action of committing a crime or offence.
    E.g. the commission of an arrestable offence
  • order or authorize the production of (something).
    E.g. the portrait was commissioned by his widow in 1792
  • bring (something newly produced) into working condition.
    E.g. we had a few hiccups getting the heating equipment commissioned
  • appoint (someone) to the rank of officer in an army, navy, or air force.
    E.g. he was commissioned into the Royal Fusiliers

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