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tʃɛk Listen
  • examine (something) in order to determine its accuracy, quality, or condition, or to detect the presence of something.
    E.g. customs officers have the right to check all luggage
  • stop or slow the progress of (something, typically something undesirable).
    E.g. efforts were made to check the disease
  • (of a passenger) consign (baggage) to the care of the transport provider with whom they are travelling.
    E.g. I checked my bag and got my boarding pass
  • mark or click on (a box) in order to select a particular option on a form, questionnaire, etc.
    E.g. users who want privacy should check the box that prevents your files from being shared
  • move a piece or pawn to a square where it attacks (the opposing king).
    E.g. he moves his knight to check my king again
  • (in poker) choose not to make a bet when called upon, allowing another player to do so instead.
  • (of a hound) pause to make sure of or regain a scent.
  • an examination to test or ascertain accuracy, quality, or satisfactory condition.
    E.g. a campaign calling for regular checks on gas appliances
  • a stopping or slowing of progress.
    E.g. there was no check to the expansion of the market
  • a move by which a piece or pawn directly attacks the opponent's king and by which the king may be checkmated.
  • US spelling of cheque.
  • a token of identification for left luggage.
  • a counter used as a stake in a gambling game.
  • another term for tick1 (sense 1 of the noun).
  • a part of a piano which catches the hammer and prevents it retouching the strings.
  • a crack or flaw in timber.
  • expressing assent or agreement.
  • used by a chess player to announce that the opponent's king has been placed in check.
  • a pattern of small squares.
    E.g. a fine black-and-white check
  • having a checked pattern.
    E.g. a blue check T-shirt
tʃɛk Listen
  • an order to a bank to pay a stated sum from the drawer's account, written on a specially printed form.
    E.g. they presented him with a cheque for £4,000

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