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tʃɑːdʒ Listen
  • demand (an amount) as a price for a service rendered or goods supplied.
    E.g. wedding planners may charge an hourly fee of up to £150
  • formally accuse (someone) of something, especially an offence under law.
    E.g. they were charged with assault
  • entrust (someone) with a task as a duty or responsibility.
    E.g. the committee was charged with reshaping the educational system
  • store electrical energy in (a battery or battery-operated device).
    E.g. the shaver can be charged up and used while travelling
  • rush forward in attack.
    E.g. the plan is to charge headlong at the enemy
  • place a heraldic bearing on.
    E.g. a pennant argent, charged with a cross gules
  • a price asked for goods or services.
    E.g. our standard charge for a letter is £25
  • an accusation, typically one formally made against a prisoner brought to trial.
    E.g. he appeared in court on a charge of attempted murder
  • responsibility for the care or control of someone or something.
    E.g. the people in her charge are pupils and not experimental subjects
  • the property of matter that is responsible for electrical phenomena, existing in a positive or negative form.
  • a quantity of explosive to be detonated in order to fire a gun or similar weapon.
    E.g. smaller charges, fired on three minute fuses lit by hand
  • a headlong rush forward, typically in attack.
    E.g. a cavalry charge
  • a device or bearing placed on a shield or crest.
chargé d'affaires
ˌʃɑːʒeɪ daˈfɛː Listen
  • an ambassador's deputy.

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